Character Dialogue
C-crush I've surfed plenty of currents in my day, y'know? There's the California, the Kuroshio, the Peru...
C-crush ... Oh, and the North Equatorial, for when I gotta head back to the ol' spawning grounds in Hawaii! CLASSIC current there, dude.
C-crush But no matter where in this great big ocean I choose to shred, NOTHING gets me stoked like the EAC!

Go with the Flow!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Crush to surf the EAC at Crush's Coaster. *
"Surf the EAC"
6h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Crush's Coaster

Character Dialogue
C-crush WHOOOOOO!!! Righteous! RIGHTEOUS!!! Aww, MAN, dude! I KNEW gettin' my shell waxed today was the right call!
C-crush You can do all KINDS of sick moves if you keep yourself hydrodynamic, dude. We're talkin', like... Jellyman-level stuff!
C-crush Man... I love that little dude, y'know? But it's like I keep sayin': He's got some SERIOUS thrill issues.
C-crush Bet he waxed his fins before takin' on those jellies, too! Yeah... HE knows what's up.


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