Character Dialogue
C-hei hei Buk buk buk...
C-maui You said it, drumstick. It HAS been too long! Moana doesn't ask me to chicken-sit you every day, y'know.
C-hei hei Buk?
C-maui Yeah! When ELSE are we gonna do all our one-on-one bonding? Demigod to... weird little bird with no life skills?
C-hei hei ... Buk.
C-maui Okay, how about I just feed you already, and we'll BOTH call it a win.

Gone to Seed

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-hei hei
Level 5
Send Hei Hei and Maui to attempt to have a snack.
"Attempt to Have a Snack"
4h M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-hei hei Buk?
C-maui Uh... buddy? Not to be critical, but... you know that you only need to do two things to stay alive, right? Breathe AND eat?
C-maui And right now, I'm... kinda only sure you know how to do ONE of those--
C-hei hei ... Blorgle.
C-maui Okay, see, NOW you just walked straight into the ocean while I was saying that, so... Zero for two.
C-hei hei Blorgle blorgle blorgle?


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