Character Dialogue
C-angel-las Crabba snabba... Stitch le je impordement?

(Uh oh. Stitch has been captured?)

C-nani-las Uh... I don't know what that means, but if you're asking if Stitch is in trouble, then... yes. I'm sorry... I tried to save him, but--
C-angel-las Accata. Iki boh boh! Meega maka maka!

(Alright. Stay here! I'll hurry!)

C-nani-las Wait -- Angel!!! Where are you going...?


Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Angel to look in Lilo's House. *
"Look in Lilo's House"
60m Xp5, Update-19-m-currency50

* Requires Lilo's House

Character Dialogue
C-angel-las Pitcha! Hagata...

(Drone! Here...)

C-nani-las There you are, Angel! I... Whoa. Did Stitch draw that map himself? That must be why we're out of crayons...
C-angel-las Ih!


C-angel-las Imhaater aka tiki baba!

(Computer! There it is!)


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