Character Dialogue
C-angel-las Ih! Achi-baba aka-choota...

(Yes! Friend has to go....)

C-angel-las ... MEEGA aka-choota aka tiki BABA -- boojiboo aka tiki baba!

(I'VE got to go over THERE!! My love is over there!) 

C-angel-las Meeko dagga ingata poju naga naga, "Mr. Bubbles." Shiralli!

(I can catch an experiment without you, "Mr. Bubbles." Watch!")

Guardian Angel

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Angel to subdue the robot!
"Subdue the Robot!"
4h Xp5, Update-19-m-currency50, T-stitch-2
Character Dialogue
C-angel-las Ogata... Meeko  NAGA dagga ingata poju naga naga.

(Ouch.... I CAN'T catch an experiment without you.)

C-angel-las Soka, boojiboo... Zaghdad dinko te FABBA.

(Sorry, my love... Android, you are FAT.)

C-angel-las Hmm... Meega pasawa jaalba? Saari...?

(Hmm... I see something? Girl...?)

C-angel-las ... Lilo?!


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