Character Dialogue
C-the sultan Jafar! So: Out of your lamp and skulking about again, are you?! Well! Don't think you can escape my judgment THIS time...
C-jafar A thousand pardons, Your Excellency. Perhaps if we--
C-the sultan Ah ah ah -- not another word! Your magic may have deprived me of the opportunity once...
C-the sultan ...but by heaven, I will hold your sentencing hearing right here on this spot if I must! I... ah... I believe there's a law for that...

Guilty As Charged

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-the sultan
Level 5
Send the Sultan and Jafar to hold the hearing.
"Hold a Sentencing Hearing"
6h M-xp5, M-magic50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-the sultan And another thing: I'm STARTING to believe that you used one of the palace rooms as some manner of... of alchemist's laboratory!
C-the sultan I told you very clearly that that space was to be used for a winter solarium, Jafar! VERY CLEARLY.
C-jafar *sigh* ... Most perceptive, Your Majesty. Allow me to counter... WITH THIS!
C-the sultan *cough!* *cough!* A... a smoke bomb?! Ohhh, dash it all! How am I supposed to sentence someone who escapes before I can finish?!
C-the sultan If Jafar HAD kept is as a solarium, he wouldn't have even been able to craft those cursed things...


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