Character Dialogue
C-scuttle-tlm *BLAAAAAAART*
C-scuttle-tlm I knew it! All this time, I've been tryin' to get this snarfblatt in tune, and all I had to do was play it upside-down!
C-scuttle-tlm Think the blood went to my head when I was doin' that loop-de-loop, though. Almost thought I saw Ursula talkin' to herself!
C-scuttle-tlm ... Waaaaaaait.

Gull's-Eye View

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Scuttle to spy on Ursula in Atlantica. *
"Watch Ursula in Atlantica"
2h M-xp5, Update-23-m-currency50

* Requires Atlantica

Character Dialogue
C-ursula-tlm Hahahaaa! This is too easy... just too easy!
C-ursula-tlm The great Sea King's practically ready to gift-wrap his trident for me... and I didn't even have to lift a tentacle!
C-ursula-tlm I should've visited this Kingdom AGES ago... The charming old Curse hovering over it is simply divine.
C-ursula-tlm Who would've thought it'd turn that bratty little princess back into a mermaid FOR me -- and let ME take all the credit!
C-scuttle-tlm Oh, no... This is-- Well, this is a catterplysm, is what this is! I gotta tell Ariel!


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