Character Dialogue
C-abuelita-coco My Mamá Imelda always said: "Singing while you work hampers productivity"...
C-abuelita-coco ... But ever since Miguelito brought music back into our lives, our business has never been better!
C-abuelita-coco And not just from turistas that come in because of Papá Héctor. We sell flats to dancers and charro boots to mariachis, too!
C-abuelita-coco The only problem is, the shoe designs are so new to us. They may not be perfect yet... That is why I am checking them today.
C-abuelita-coco We cannot have any of our new customers missing their baile folklórico steps -- not in Rivera shoes!

Happy Feet

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Abuelita Home to check her shoe designs. *
"Check Designs at Home"
4h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Rivera Familia Home

Character Dialogue
C-abuelita-coco Ahh... Perfecto! As expected, of course.
C-abuelita-coco The only thing that surprised me was when my Franco asked me if I wanted to take dance lessons with him!
C-abuelita-coco Well! I won his heart by making him the best cowboy boots in all Mexico... if that is how he wants to use them, he's earned it.
C-abuelita-coco I am not a dancer, of course -- but if my Mamita was once, then the least I can do is try it!


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