Character Dialogue
C-rabbit (Dum da dooo...) ... Sand pit over HERE... (Hm hm hmmm...) ... Larch trees over THERE...
C-rabbit ... Oh! Don't mind me -- don't mind me at all! I'm just drawing a MAP, you see, because... well... because...
C-rabbit ... B-because it seems like an important thing to do, that's all!
C-rabbit (I don't care WHAT Tigger says -- Rabbits never get lost, either!)

Hare? No -- There!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Rabbit to finish his map.
"Finish Map"
2h Xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-rabbit Hmm hm hmm... Almost done now... Just have to draw this one last stand of larch... trees.
C-rabbit N-now wait a moment! Either I'm seeing things... or that's the VERY SAME stand of larch trees I drew earlier!
C-rabbit Oh dear. Oh my goodness... W-well, this can only mean one thing, can't it?
C-rabbit I'll just have to figure out how to draw a moving stand of larch trees!
C-rabbit Do I just put an arrow over here, or...? Hm.


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