Character Dialogue
C-timon-lk Think, Pumbaa -- think! We're fresh outta leads -- is there ANYTHING we know about Scar that would help us find him?
C-pumbaa-lk Hmm...let's see. Simba's uncle...REALLY mean king...decent baritone... Uh...probably wants to eat us...
C-timon-lk ... That's IT! We're one rung down on the food chain from him...SO, if we walk around looking appetizing, it MIGHT draw him out!
C-timon-lk ... Okay, now that I said it out loud, that's a TERRIBLE idea. But it's the only one I got...

Heeeere, Kitty Kitty

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Timon and Pumbaa to act as bait for Scar.
"Act as Bait"
2h M-xp5, Update-12-m-currency50
Level 4

* Requires ?

Character Dialogue
C-timon-lk Wow, of all the genius ideas I've had, who'd have thought that one would actually WORK?!
C-pumbaa-lk It worked? But Timon...I thought we spent all that time runnin' away from hungry hyenas!
C-timon-lk ...And running PAST what I'm certain is Scar's hideout! Pumbaa, you really gotta focus on the big picture.
C-timon-lk At least, I THINK it's Scar's hideout. At the clip we were goin', it was kinda blurry.


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