Character Dialogue
C-peter pan-main Say... Do you hear that, Wendy?
C-wendy darling-main What do you mean, Peter? Surely you can't mean that rooster crowing off in the distance?
C-peter pan-main That's no rooster crow -- that's the Lost Boys' signal call! And it's coming from right over there... "COCK-A-DOODLE DOOOOO!!!"
C-wendy darling-main Wait -- Peter! Wait for me!!!

Hello, Darlings!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-peter pan-main
Level 4
Send Peter Pan and John to reunite.
8h Xp30, M-magic250
C-john darling-main
Level 2
C-wendy darling-main
Level 6
Send Wendy and Michael to reunite.
C-michael darling-main
Level 2
Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling-main I'm so glad we've all found each other again, John. That Signal call certainly worked wonders!
C-wendy darling-main Stories are so much better when the four of us are all together, don't you think?
C-john darling-main Rather! Peter's just told me the most ripping tale about the time he battled a sea monster with his hands tied together...
C-wendy darling-main And my own bedtime story has just about put Michael to sleep! Poor dear... he's had quite the day, hasn't he?
C-wendy darling-main There's no substitute for a good story -- whether it's waking you up OR putting you to bed!


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