Character Dialogue
C-jack sparrow Young Mr. Turner and Miss Swann! What a pleasant surprise to see you here, wherever "here" happens to be.
C-elizabeth swann We've been having quite the time looking for your missing ship. And now we need your help.
C-jack sparrow The ship? Oh, I found the ship. It's trapped behind that Curse over there.
C-will turner Wait, you mean you knew about the Curse all along and never told us? I knew I couldn't trust you!
C-jack sparrow What did I tell you? You can always trust a dishonest man to be dishonest. So honestly, this one's on you, matey.
C-jack sparrow Excuse me while I remove myself from this situation.

Hide around the Corner

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-jack sparrow
Level 3
Send Jack to hide at Tortuga Tavern. *
"Hide at the Tavern"
2h Xp15, M-magic100

* Requires Tortuga Tavern

Character Dialogue
C-will turner I found you! Jack, you can't just run away like this every time you face a problem.
C-jack sparrow Can't I? I believe the fact that I just did proves that I can.
C-will turner If you hadn't run away immediately, you would know that I know how to get your ship back!
C-jack sparrow You know how to get my ship back? Why didn't you say so earlier?
C-jack sparrow I believe that what we have here is a failure to talk to one another without yelling quite so much.


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