Character Dialogue
C-ernesto de la cruz You must understand: My reputation is EVERYTHING to me. That is why my recent... ah... "image problem" has wounded me so!
C-ernesto de la cruz (Aside from the giant bell falling on me, of course. That wounded me... LESS figuratively.)
C-ernesto de la cruz But it is true! I am "calaca non grata" with every dead person I meet... no matter if they have heard my songs OR seen my films!
C-ernesto de la cruz But... what if they have seen NEITHER? Yes: That is why I plan to make my comeback among the younger generation!
C-ernesto de la cruz Much as it discomforts me to think that the recently dead may not have heard of me... perhaps they will be less quick to judge!

Hip to Today's Music?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-ernesto de la cruz
Level 2
Send Ernesto to schmooze the younger generation.
"Impress Those Youths!"
2h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-ernesto de la cruz ... Aaaand the younger generation has already used their electronic telephones to make a film of me being crushed by the bell.
C-ernesto de la cruz ... Repeatedly. To music.
C-ernesto de la cruz Pah! What do the youths of today know about culture anyway?! (I bet they don't even own record players...)
C-ernesto de la cruz These "mi-mi's," as they call them... they will never catch on. Of that, I am sure!


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