Character Dialogue
Pumbaa Whoa! I've never been to this part of the jungle before.
Pumbaa Guess I had my snout to the ground for so long sniffing for dinner that I didn't even notice where I went.
Pumbaa Oh well, maybe this new place has some tasty new bugs. Get ready, bugs! Here comes Pumbaa!

Hog's Travelogue

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Pumbaa out to explore this new land.
"Explore This New Land"
60m Experience5, Template:EC-TLK50
Character Dialogue
Pumbaa Yum, yum, yum! The centipedes here sure are tangy, and I found a rock with little purple beetles under it...
Pumbaa ...And...I'm lost again. Guess I forgot to look up again.
Pumbaa That's okay, though, Hakuna Matata! With bugs like these around, I got no worries!


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