Character Dialogue
C-woody-aladdin Okay, all the other toys should be in the Barn's basement. They'll be safe there until all that sand clears up.
C-jessie-aladdin The BASEMENT!? Woody - have you BEEN down there!?It's dark and gloomy. I bet our friends are more scared than ever!
C-woody-aladdin But... But it's the safest pl--
C-jessie-aladdin We gotta get over there RIGHT NOW and lift their spirits before they start having nightmares in the daytime! Come on!

Holding the Fort

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level ?
Send Jessie & Woody to entertain at the Toy Barn. *
"Entertain at the Toy Barn"
8h M-xp5, Update-13-m-currency50
Level ?

* Requires Al's Toy Barn

Character Dialogue
C-jessie-aladdin Phew! We fixed the lights and put on a show. They should be okay 'til all this blows over!
C-woody-aladdin I hope so. Who knew there were so many yodels about how you shouldn't be afraid of sandstorms?
C-jessie-aladdin Cleary you're not as well-versed in the Great American Yodelin' Songbook as SOME of us are, Woody.
C-jessie-aladdin I appreciated you chippin' in on background vocals, though!


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