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Honey Tree Troubles Event 2018

8th March 2018 - 31st March 2018

Honey Tree Troubles Event 2018 is the tenth major event of Disney Magic Kingdoms. It starts on 8th March 2018 and ends on 31st March 2018.

The event starts with the short quest Welcome a Gardener. Complete quests to progress in the event. Purchasing Tigger unlocks his questline, ?. Purchasing Eeyore unlocks his questline, ?.

This event is similar to previous events, where NPCs have to be tapped, in this case ?, in order to complete quests and earn event currency.


This event introduced a new limited time currency, ? (.).

Any ? a player had remaining was converted to Gems (40 max.) at the end of the event.

Players can earn more than M-gem? Gems by Leveling Up Winnie the Pooh Characters and completing quests during the event.

New Content

All of the new content released with the event. Some of the items listed may not be available again once the event is over.

Character Cost How to Unlock Available
Tigger M-gem200 Whole event
Rabbit .500 Welcome a Gardener Whole event
Kanga .? Welcome a Marsupial 9th March
Eeyore M-gem? 16th March
Roo .? Welcome a Joey 16th March
Piglet .? Welcome a Small Animal 23rd March
Pooh .? Welcome a Tubby Cubby 23rd March

Attraction Cost How to Unlock Available
Rabbit's House .? Burrow Sweet Burrow 9th March
Eeyore's House M-gem? 16th March
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh .? Under the Name of Sanders 16th March
Pooh's Hunny Hunt .? Trial Run? 23rd March

Concession Cost How to Unlock Available
Winnie the Pooh Hat Stand M-gem60 Whole event
Pot of Honey Stand M-gem60 ?
? ? ? ?

Decoration Cost How to Unlock Available
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?

Parade Float Cost Available
Winnie the Pooh Float M-gem50 Whole event

Mini Events

Name Available



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