Character Dialogue
C-elastigirl-ttc Bob, have you seen Jack-Jack anywhere? His monitor's not working, and I think he might be--
C-mr. incredible-ttc ... Hwuh? Whasswrong. Levitating? Vibrating? Disappear? Turn into balloon?
C-elastigirl-ttc ... And I forgot you've been awake for three days straight on a stakeout.
C-elastigirl-ttc I can take care of this, sweetie! Getting over sleep deprivation quickly is NOT one of our superpowers.
C-mr. incredible-ttc Nononono! I got it. It's me. I am... a solution. Probably the balloon thing.

Hooray for Parenting!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mr. incredible-ttc
Level 1
Send Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl to look at Home. *
"Search Their House"
4h T-refresh1, Update-20-m-currency250
Level 1

* Requires The Incredibles House

Character Dialogue
C-jack-jack-ttc Heeheehee! Da-da!
C-mr. incredible-ttc Heh...! Yes. Thassright. Who's... who's best at finding Jack-Jacks? "Da-da."
C-mr. incredible-ttc Just... just don't tell Mama I found you with a cookie. Our... *yawn* ... our secret. 'Kay?
C-jack-jack-ttc Haha! Gooby!
C-mr. incredible-ttc ... 'Kay. I'm gonna... gonna go do a seventeen-hour nap now.


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