Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda My family makes the best shoes in the Land of the Living -- AND in the Land of the Dead!
C-mamá imelda That's right: Soon after I crossed the Marigold Bridge, I started our business all over again on THAT side.
C-mamá imelda The work is rewarding -- and it keeps the family together, even in death. That is more than enough blessing as it is!
C-mamá imelda But it DOES mean that I must keep track of footwear trends, even today. We Riveras can't afford to lose our touch, after all!

Hot Steppin'

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-mamá imelda
Level 2
Send Imelda to observe footwear trends.
"Observe Footwear Trends"
4h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-mamá imelda ... Do those tennis shoes have blinking lights AND wheels in their heels?
C-mamá imelda Because, you understand: It is taking every ounce of willpower I have NOT to take this as a personal offense.
C-mamá imelda I always knew it was the right idea for my family to stick with leather shoes! Some fashions are timeless, and some are... NOT.
C-mamá imelda I was not alive for much of the 1970s, but my impression is that it was all downhill from there.


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