Character Dialogue
C-doc-moana Well, the men are all bready... uh, ready -- but they ain't the only ones in the house!
C-doc-moana I'd better have a talk with the quince-- uh, princess. She's gotta be on the lookout for wicked wiles while we're away!
C-doc-moana And there's been all kinds of wily wickedness about, too. Not just the Queen, but all kinds of other snitches and shorelocks...
C-doc-moana If I didn't have to show courage for the princess's sake, why... why... why, I wouldn't have hardly any courage to show!

House Call (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Doc and Snow White to talk in the Cottage. *
"Talk in the Cottage"
8h Xp10, Update-29-m-currency75
C-snow white-moana
Level 1

* Requires Seven Dwarfs' Cottage

Character Dialogue
C-snow white-moana Now, Doc: It's ever so sweet of you to be worried about me, but I'm sure I'll be quite all right!
C-snow white-moana After all... Why, think of how much brighter and lovelier this place has become, ever since we first arrived here!
C-doc-moana Princess...! Why... why, I couldn't have read it letter my-- I mean, led it setter my... Uh...
C-doc-moana Ha! Well, I guess I really COULDN'T have!
C-doc-moana That ain't never stopped me from tryin', though!


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