Character Dialogue
C-mowgli I love my human mom and pop a whole lot... They're the ones who adopted me after I came to the Man Village.
C-mowgli ... But I still love my other mom and pop, too! The wolf ones, Raksha and Rama: the ones I grew up with!
C-mowgli I learned a lot of different things from all of them, too...
C-mowgli My human mom and pop taught me how to make a fire, and how to tell stories... And my wolf mom and pop taught me how to do THIS!

Howl Are You Doing?

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Mowgli to show off his wolf call.
"Show Off Wolf Call"
60m M-xp25, M-magic200
Character Dialogue
C-mowgli See? That was fun!
C-mowgli Whenever I want to see my wolf mom and pop and all my wolf brothers and sisters, all I have to do is that -- but REALLY loud!
C-mowgli I... um... I have to do it when I'm outside the Man Village, though. Otherwise, BOTH of my families get mad.
C-mowgli My wolf family and my human family don't have a lot in common. I wish they did!


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