Character Dialogue
C-ursula Poor, poor Triton... I feel bad for him, really.
C-ursula No matter how many times I approach him with an honest business opportunity, he just won't hear a word of it!
C-ursula I expect I'll have a hard time selling him on my latest proposal, too... But I'm the kind of woman who thrives under pressure.

I Just Want to Talk!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 6
Send Ursula & Triton to "discuss a proposal."
"Discuss a Proposal"
6h M-xp5, Update-23-m-currency50
C-king triton
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-ursula Ugh. Well, it's official... Threatening to kidnap his OTHER six daughters went over like a lead balloonfish.
C-ursula Can I help it if Triton's family presents a... shall we say... target-rich environment?
C-ursula I had my eye on Aquata, in particular. Now, THERE'S a girl who shows promise!


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