Character Dialogue
C-flynn While this has been a blast, "seeing the world" in a day or two seems a little... impossible.
C-flynn And now you want to find a way to make the whole Kingdom happier?
C-rapunzel Yes! And I think I know of a way that we can do it. Let's hold a lantern festival!
C-rapunzel I think that having one now to get the people excited and happy is more important than exploring the world.
C-rapunzel Do you know how to set up an event like this?
C-flynn Err, no -- but I know where we can find someone who does!

I See the Light

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom Build the Snuggly Duckling. 8h Xp50, M-magic300
Level 2
Send Rapunzel to ask questions at Snuggly Duckling. *
"Question Thugs"
Level ?
Look for Clues.
"Look for Clues"

* Requires Snuggly Duckling

Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel So we didn't find someone to help with the lantern festival, but that place was wonderful!
C-flynn Yeah, but let's keep the group sing-alongs to a minimum from now on.
C-rapunzel No promises!
C-rapunzel Those thugs were almost as snuggly as ducklings!


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