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Iago is a premium limited-time character released with Aladdin Event Update on 16th August 2017, and is a part of the Aladdin character collection.


Iago is the secondary antagonist in Disney's 1992 animated feature film, Aladdin.

Playing a fairly minor role in the original film as the henchman of Jafar. Iago's role expanded significantly over the course of the franchise, the most notable example being the 1994 sequel The Return of Jafar, where Iago served as the foremost protagonist, reformed, and joined Aladdin and Jasmine as an anti-hero.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2 T-ip-aladdin5 T-iago-22 T-iago-32 M-magic1,000 36s M-gem1, Xp10
Level 3 T-ip-aladdin10 T-iago-25 T-iago-34 M-magic1,500 6m M-gem1, Xp12
Level 4 T-ip-aladdin15 T-iago-28 T-iago-36 M-magic2,250 35m M-gem1, Xp14
Level 5 T-ip-aladdin20 T-iago-214 T-iago-310 M-magic2,950 60m M-gem2, Xp17
Level 6 T-ip-aladdin25 T-iago-220 T-iago-314 M-magic3,850 2h M-gem2, Xp20
Level 7 T-ip-aladdin30 T-iago-226 T-iago-320 M-magic5,000 4h M-gem3, Xp23
Level 8 T-ip-aladdin35 T-iago-235 T-iago-326 M-magic6,500 8h M-gem3, Xp26
Level 9 T-ip-aladdin40 T-iago-245 T-iago-332 M-magic8,450 16h M-gem3, Xp29
Level 10 T-ip-aladdin50 T-iago-260 T-iago-340 M-magic11,000 24h M-gem5, Xp30

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
1 Watching the Entrance
* Cave of Wonders
60m Xp7, M-magic40 T-ip-aladdin T-genie-2
3 Laying Plans
* The Lotus Fountain
Lvl 3
60m Xp9, M-magic55
1 M-animation Search for Jafar 2h Xp10, M-magic75 T-aladdin-2 T-abu-2 T-genie-3
6 M-animation Evil Laughter M-c-jafar
Lvl 6
2h Xp13, M-magic100
1 Listening In
* The Lotus Fountain
Lvl 5
2h Xp13, M-magic100 T-jafar-2
1 Playing Spy
* Streets of Agrabah
4h Xp13, M-magic110 T-jasmine-2 T-iago-2 T-iago-3
2 Being a Pest
* Streets of Agrabah
Lvl 9
4h Xp17, M-magic150 T-jafar-3
8 Seeking Access
* Cave of Wonders
Lvl 8
4h Xp17, M-magic150 T-the sultan-3
5 Mimic Voices
* The Lotus Fountain
6h Xp16, M-magic155 T-eeyore-2 T-eeyore-3
10 M-animation Scheming M-c-jafar
Lvl 9
6h Xp20, M-magic210 T-rajah-2
7 Secretly Dance
* Genie's Lamp Show
8h Xp20, M-magic200
6 Crackers for Good Entertainment
* Genie's Lamp Show
M-c-the sultan
Lvl 7
8h Xp25, M-magic270

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards
I'm Gonna Wreck It! Event 2018
1 Playing Spy
* Streets of Agrabah
4h Xp13, Update-25-m-currency30
Honey Tree Troubles Event 2018
5 Mimic Voices
* The Lotus Fountain
6h Xp16, Update-18-m-currency45

Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome M-gem250 Instant M-cross
Level 2 T-ip-aladdin1 T-iago-21 T-iago-31 Update-13-m-currency300 6s M-gem1, Xp10
Level 3 T-ip-aladdin2 T-iago-23 T-iago-32 Update-13-m-currency500 6m M-gem1, Xp12
Level 4 T-ip-aladdin4 T-iago-24 T-iago-33 Update-13-m-currency800 35m M-gem1, Xp14
Level 5 T-ip-aladdin6 T-iago-26 T-iago-34 Update-13-m-currency1,200 60m M-gem2, Xp17
Level 6 T-ip-aladdin8 T-iago-28 T-iago-36 Update-13-m-currency1,600 2h M-gem2, Xp20
Level 7 T-ip-aladdin12 T-iago-210 T-iago-38 Update-13-m-currency2,000 4h M-gem3, Xp23
Level 8 T-ip-aladdin16 T-iago-212 T-iago-312 Update-13-m-currency2,500 8h M-gem3, Xp26
Level 9 T-ip-aladdin22 T-iago-216 T-iago-316 Update-13-m-currency? 16h M-gem3, Xp29
Level 10 T-ip-aladdin30 T-iago-220 T-iago-320 Update-13-m-currency? 24h M-gem5, Xp30

Iago Storyline


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