Character Dialogue
C-mushu ANY old All-Powerful Dragon Guardian can make a kid a war hero, save China with her, get her a sweet hunk of a man...
C-mushu ... But you know what REALLY sets me apart? One word: "follow-through."
C-mushu Okay, okay, two words with a HYPHEN. You hear me telling YOU how to say how good a Guardian you are?
C-mushu Anyway: Gotta make sure my girl Mulan keeps her reputation on lock to this DAY! And I'll show you how I do it, too...

Image Management

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Mushu to the Training Camp on "business". *
"Visit Training Camp"
4h Xp5, M-magic50

* Requires Training Camp

Character Dialogue
C-mushu "Imperial Bulletin: Mulan saves orphanage from sinkhole!"
C-mushu "News Flash: Empire-wide poll shows Mulan favored by 99% of adorable puppies!"
C-mushu "Special Report: Sources say Shan Yu's momma's SO fat, Mulan's the only one who can bench-press her!"
C-mushu Ha HA! Like to see any OTHER Guardian write up a phony press release THAT hot!
C-mushu I almost got Shang's signature forged just right, too. All in the wrist, baby!


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