Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera-coco Señoritas y señores -- my name is Miguel Rivera, and this is a tribute to my family!
C-miguel rivera-coco You may know us as shoemakers -- but music runs deep within our hearts, and--
C-abuelita-coco WHOOOOO! Do you see that boy, everybody? That boy is MY GRANDSON!
C-miguel rivera-coco Haha -- and our love for each other runs just as deep, too! (Thanks, Abuelita!) Now: Let's start the show!

In Living Color

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-miguel rivera-coco
Level 5
Send Miguel to play the show!
"Play the Show!"
4h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50
Level 2
Send Abuelita to cheer Miguel on!
"Cheer Miguel On!"
Character Dialogue
C-abuelita-coco Ay, Migueli-ti-ti-ti-to! Just listen to them all cheering for you -- for our family's songs! Ohh, I took SO many pictures!
C-miguel rivera-coco Haha -- aww, Abuelita! I hope I wasn't making a silly face in them... I get really into it when I play!
C-miguel rivera-coco But yeah... That felt amazing! It was like ALL of us were up there on stage -- all the way back through our family history!
C-abuelita-coco And that's just as it should be, mijo. Nothing can keep us Riveras apart -- not today, and not ever!
C-miguel rivera-coco Yeah! We're a family -- and we're always gonna remember that!


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