Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling-main There are so many places here to look for new stories. Now, which one should I choose first?
C-wendy darling-main Well, I'll have to be careful. Peter can be very particular about the sorts of stories he likes.

In Search of a Story

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom-main Build Peter Pan's Flight. * 12h Xp50, M-magic400

* Requires Wendy Darling Level 2

Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling-main Oh, how lovely! Why, it's like Never Land, and London, and the starry night sky, all in one spot!
C-wendy darling-main I'm sure there must be wonderful stories in there, especially about how such a curious structure stays upright.
C-wendy darling-main It must take quite a lot of magic to get Big Ben on top of a cloud like that...


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