Character Dialogue
C-king triton What have you found out about the human world since we last met, Sebastian?
C-king triton Now that our two kingdoms are speaking with one another, I depend on you for regular updates...
C-sebastian Of course, Your Majesty! I'm honored that you have put so much trust in--
C-king triton ... After all, you're one of the only subjects I have who can go around on land without drying out.
C-sebastian Ah. So THAT is the reason you... Never mind. Here is what I have learned!

Intercoastal Diplomacy

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-king triton
Level 6
Send King Triton & Sebastian to have a check-in.
"Discuss the Human World"
6h M-xp5, Update-23-m-currency50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-king triton ... Fascinating. So they really do immerse themselves in water every day or so?
C-sebastian Some of them do, yes! They need to do it in a special container, though, owing to the harsh atmosphere they got up there.
C-king triton Still -- I'd say that speaks very highly of them, don't you think? Even if they DO insist on using fresh water.
C-king triton Now -- what's this "soap" business you mentioned, exactly?


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