Character Dialogue
C-beast-las Every week, Belle and I pick one of our favorite books to read out loud to each other...
C-beast-las And with me looking like this again... I think it's important for us to keep doing it.
C-beast-las The problem is... I can't decide what book to pick today. Cogsworth made a list of everything we have in the library...
C-beast-las But it's... very long.

It's Fundamental!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Beast to pick a book to read.
"Pick a Book to Read"
12h M-xp45, Update-19-m-currency250
Character Dialogue
C-beast-las Oh... This one! "Romeo and Juliet"! We read that when we were waiting for the servants to prepare our first ball...
C-beast-las The ending is sad... but it's very beautiful. And it made me want to learn to read again...
C-beast-las ... It's perfect!
C-beast-las And it's nice to remember that Belle and I never had feuding families. We had enough to worry about...


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