Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel Are you sure you know where you're going? I don't see that town you were talking about.
C-flynn Hey, I have an excellent sense of direction! And, uh, right now it's telling me it's THIS way.

It's No Fantasy

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-kingdom Build Fantasy Faire. 8h Xp50, M-magic300
Level 2
Explore the Fantasy Faire. *
"Explore Fantasy Faire."
Level 3

* Requires Fantasy Faire

Character Dialogue
C-rapunzel This is terrible! After talking to all those people, it seems that there is something making people unhappy.
C-rapunzel This isn't what I was expecting when I decided to go on an adventure. We need to find a way to make this Kingdom happier!
C-flynn Or, we can let people find their own solutions to their problems...
C-flynn No? And she's already making plans, it seems.


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