Character Dialogue
C-davy jones I take it from the scent of brine and betrayal on the air that Calypso is here as well... and what a bitter irony THAT is.
C-davy jones Still... this may not be coincidence. Could THAT be why I was summoned here? To test whether I could forgive her, and she me?
C-davy jones It beggars the senses to consider it... but even so...

It's Not You, It's Me

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-davy jones
Level 6
Send Davy Jones and Tia Dalma to try and make up.
"Try to Make Up with Tia"
8h M-xp30, M-magic250
C-tia dalma
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-davy jones No. No, no. CERTAINLY not, and keelhaul me for even thinkin' it possible that she and I could reconcile!
C-davy jones Ohh, it's all sunshine and roses at first, I grant ye!
C-davy jones ... But give it a quarter hour, and it's naught but "who betrayed who?" "Who deserted who?" "Who bound who to human form?"
C-davy jones Never court a sea spirit if you're not fond of arguin', I say.
C-davy jones ... OR if you'd prefer not to become a hideous squid-man, for that matter.


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