Character Dialogue
C-alice-coco Your Majesty, I... Well, I have something to say! I WILL join your croquet tournament--
C-queen of hearts-coco Ahhh, splendid, my child! How extraordinarily voluntary of you to celebrate my imperially mandated unbirthday!
C-alice-coco Ah, excuse me... I wasn't finished. As I was saying, I will join your tournament...
C-alice-coco ...on the condition that, if I win, you release your royal subjects from acting as equipment IN that tournament!
C-queen of hearts-coco Hrmm... Very well! But ONLY on the condition that, if *I* win, I have every right to lose my temper immediately!

It's ON!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-queen of hearts-coco
Level 1
Send the Queen of Hearts to warm up.
"Warm Up"
4h M-xp10, Update-34-m-currency75
Character Dialogue
C-queen of hearts-coco Heheheh... What a silly girl! Why, it doesn't matter one little bit what I agree to if I LOSE...
C-queen of hearts-coco ...if there is an absolute certainty that I will WIN! And I can't possibly imagine ANY sort of certainty in which I wouldn't!
C-queen of hearts-coco Ohhh, I am SO looking forward to losing my temper... It's always my favorite part of any croquet tournament!
C-queen of hearts-coco Which is PRECISELY why I've decided to start early -- by yelling at this croquet ball right now! That's practice, you know.
C-queen of hearts-coco The idea that I'd practice anything else BESIDES yelling only makes me want to lose my temper more!


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