Character Dialogue
C-cogsworth-las Thank goodness I got away form THAT encounter with my mainspring intact... The Master is not to be trifled with when he's angry!
C-cogsworth-las Fortunately, now that the library is organized under the Cogsworth System, finding one lost book will be child's play!
C-cogsworth-las "The Cogsworth System"... Oh, I DO hope that name catches on...

It's Systematic!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Cogsworth into the Castle to find the book. *
"Find the Book"
12h Xp45, Update-19-m-currency250

* Requires Beast's Castle

Character Dialogue
C-cogsworth-las Im--... Impossible! Unbelievable! It's... It's...!!! THE BOOK ISN'T THERE!!!
C-cogsworth-las And the fourth row of shelf 11-A is CLEARLY reserved for English stage drama dated 1590 through 1600! I PUT UP SIGNS!!!
C-cogsworth-las Unless... The Master was referring to the original Italian-language novella upon which the play was based...?
C-cogsworth-las Which, now that I've said it out loud, seems... ah... VANISHINGLY unlikely.
C-cogsworth-las The Master... isn't exactly conversant with obscure Renaissance literature.


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