Character Dialogue
C-elastigirl Wish I didn't have to spend so much time away from home... I know he supports me, but it's still a lot to ask from Bob...
C-jack-jack Mama?
C-elastigirl Oh! Hi, sweetie. Mommy's just got a lot on her mind. Parenting can be complicated sometimes!
C-elastigirl But... do you know what? It's NEVER too complicated to hug the cutest kid in the universe.

It's the Little Things

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Jack-Jack and Elastigirl to share a hug.
"Share a Hug"
6h Xp5, M-magic50
Level ?
Character Dialogue
C-jack-jack Heeheehee! Mama!!!
C-elastigirl Heh... I love you too, honey! And I don't think it matters if Bob and I are making all this up as we go...
C-elastigirl You've got a whole family's worth of love behind you -- and that means you're going to turn out INCREDIBLE!
C-jack-jack Hahaha! 'Kedibo!


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