Jungle River Drift is an attraction released with Jungle Book Part 2 Update on 20th September 2017. It is unlocked during the Running Water quest when Mowgli is Level 3.


Jungle River Drift is an attraction based off of a famous scene from Disney's 1967 animated feature film The Jungle Book. During the song "The Bare Necessities", Baloo and Mowgli lazily float down a river, past lily pads, and over a small waterfall, a scene similar to that depicted in the attraction itself, only to be interrupted by a group of monkeys who pluck Mowgli off of Baloo's stomach.



Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
C-king louie
Level 2
The Jungle VIP
* Jungle River Drift
60m Xp7, M-magic40 T-baloo-3
Level 3
Relaxing on the River
* Jungle River Drift
4h Xp13, M-magic110 T-king louie-2
Level 3
Avoid the Water
* Jungle River Drift
4h Xp13, M-magic110 T-baloo-2 T-tramp-3
Level 3
Walk Like You
* Jungle River Drift
M-c-king louie
Lvl 6
8h Xp25, M-magic270 T-shere khan-3


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