Character Dialogue
C-chief tui-moana I don't like saying this, Sina... but I think we're out of time. That Kakamora ship just landed, and they do NOT look happy.
C-chief tui-moana I'm at a loss, here... Talking hasn't worked yet -- and even if we did want to fight them, they outnumber us ten to one.
C-sina-moana Hmm... That's a tough one. Maybe there's a way to stall the Kakamora on the ship, while we work out a better strategy?
C-chief tui-moana At this point? Any idea will do. I'll get closer to their boat and see if I can get them to stay put somehow...

Just... Stay There!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-chief tui-moana
Level 3
Send Chief Tui to collect a Kakamora Spear.
"Collect a Kakamora Spear"
4h M-xp5, Update-29-m-currency50, T-moana-2
Character Dialogue
C-chief tui-moana Well... no such luck getting through to them, I'm afraid. Though I did pick up this lovely new spear in the bargain...
C-sina-moana Yes... It's a shame they had to throw it at you so hard first.
C-chief tui-moana Heh. It wasn't my finest diplomatic hour, I'll admit!
C-chief tui-moana I almost wonder if I should have brought them a welcome gift... not that it would've done much good.


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