Character Dialogue
C-prince eric-tlm I can't believe it... I just can't! Ariel -- she's a mermaid again! It must be some kind of spell...
C-prince eric-tlm I love her no matter what, of course -- but it's still got to be hard on her. Especially with her father's concert coming up...
C-prince eric-tlm Well... I don't care where I have to look or what I have to do. I'm gonna find a way to turn her back.
C-prince eric-tlm I may have lost her once, but I'm not going to lose her again!

Just Can't Fathom It

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-prince eric-tlm
Level 1
Send Eric to search for a way to break the spell.
"Search for Answers"
60m Xp5, Update-23-m-currency50
Character Dialogue
C-prince eric-tlm Ariel! I... I didn't expect to see you-- I mean... A-Are you okay?
C-ariel-tlm Don't worry, Eric -- I'll be all right! I spent most of my life as a mermaid... I don't mind being one again for a little while.
C-ariel-tlm We'll figure out what's going on together -- and fix it! But in the meantime... let's think about the concert too, okay?
C-prince eric-tlm Haha... I guess you're right! We're gonna get through this one way or another -- so we may as well put on a good show, too!
C-prince eric-tlm I've really gotta rehearse. I'm not just playing for fun this time -- I'm playing for the Sea King!


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