Character Dialogue
C-lilo-las Okay... I went back and got this crowbar instead... and I mad sure to ask first this time. Is that all right?
C-nani-las I think so. And you're SURE you want to be the one who sets Stitch free? That robot can be really dangerous...
C-lilo-las I'm sure. He's my best friend, and my 'ohana... and he's still my dog, too, sort of! I've gotta be there for him no matter what.
C-nani-las All right... I trust you, Lilo. And you're not going to do it alone, either... all of the rest of us will be there for Stitch, too!

Just Like Automa-Tron 4!

Character Requirements Time Rewards Tokens
Level 2
Send everyone to free Stitch.
"Free Stitch!"
4h Xp5, Update-19-m-currency50 T-stitch-3
Character Dialogue
C-nani-las I... I think we actually did it! The robot isn't moving anymore... Lilo! We--!
C-nani-las Uh... What are you looking at me like that for?
C-lilo-las YOU CAN DRIVE FLYING CARS NOW?! That's SO COOL!!! Can I drive one, too? I wanna drive one!!!
C-nani-las ... Right after I let you start using a blowtorch; that's when.
C-lilo-las Okay. Let's free Stitch first, and THEN talk about how great I'd be at driving flying cars.


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