Kakamora (Update-29-m-kakamora) are NPC's available during the Find the Way Event 2019.


Kakamora Have Docked in the Kingdom!
Kakamora are popping up all over the Kingdom! Certain characters are able to defeat the Kakamora.

Collect Tokens and Select a Character to Defeat Them!
Blowgun and Grass Basket tokens are required in order for a character to defeat the Kakamora. These Tokens can be earned by completing activities.

Complete the Quest to Stop the Troublesome Kakamora!
Defeating the Kakamora is required to complete quests and progress through the event's storyline.

Kakamora Return Until the Event Ends!
Kakamora will continue to appear in the Kingdom until the end of the event. Capture as many as possible!


Kakamora can be defeated by Sina and Gramma Tala once the quest NON-Caribbean Pirates is unlocked, by using the Blowgun (T-kakamora-1) and Grass Basket (T-kakamora-2) tokens.

Kakamora can be defeated by Sina, Chief Tui and Gramma Tala once the quest Lay Down Your Shells! is unlocked.

To defeat the Kakamora you will need 3 Blowgun Tokens and 2 Grass Basket Tokens per character. Defeating the Kakamora takes 2 minutes and is the only way to progress through the event's storyline.

Quest Requirements Time Rewards
NON-Caribbean Pirates Stop the Kakamora (x1). T-kakamora-13, T-kakamora-22 2m M-xp2, Update-29-m-currency10
Lay Down Your Shells! Stop the Kakamora (x8). T-kakamora-124, T-kakamora-216 16m M-xp16, Update-29-m-currency80
Coco-NOT! Stop the Kakamora (x15). T-kakamora-145, T-kakamora-230 30m M-xp30, Update-29-m-currency150


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