Character Dialogue
C-fix-it felix jr. Oh my land... Kindly pinch me if I'm dreaming, but isn't this one of those games where you run around building things?
C-fix-it felix jr. Well, butter my toast... It IS! See? The mortar on those concession stands isn't even dry yet! Ooh, I'm so excited...
C-fix-it felix jr. See, I've fixed up plenty of apartment complexes in my day -- but I haven't BUILT anything all that big since East Niceland.
C-fix-it felix jr. But now that I'm in a game that's all ABOUT building, I can get right back into the swing of it! This is gonna be a treat!


Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-fix-it felix jr.
Level 1
Send "Felix.fxit" to "Task.Build.It."
2h Xp5, M-magic50
Character Dialogue
C-fix-it felix jr. Ahh... There's nothing like a good day's work to get the ol' blood pumping, is there?
C-fix-it felix jr. And I appreciate all the glowy little sparkles that show up when something's under construction. Those are some A+ graphics.
C-fix-it felix jr. I DID make a point of staying out of the local handyman's way, though. Don't want to step on any toes!
C-fix-it felix jr. Though how he can take six hours just to change a light bulb is anyone's guess...
C-fix-it felix jr. I suppose he has his own special technique for it, is all!


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