Character Dialogue
C-anna-wir ... And THEN we talked about how much fun we had sledding when were little! Being open about your feelings is GREAT!
C-kristoff-wir It sure is! You know, you really should take my advice more often. Who knows -- you might learn something!
C-anna-wir Ha ha, Mr. I-Told-You-So. Well, as long as I'm being open about my feelings, here's some advice for YOU...
C-anna-wir It's that there's a whole big festival happening before the Showcase starts, and I'd really like the two of us to go see it!

Lesson Learned!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Anna & Kristoff to enjoy the Showcase.
"Enjoy the Showcase"
6h M-xp40, Update-25-m-currency225
Level 1

* Requires Arendelle Courtyard Rink

Character Dialogue
C-kristoff-wir Well, it's official. You, Anna of Arendelle... give VERY good advice.
C-anna-wir And just think -- if you hadn't taken it, we PROBABLY wouldn't be eating chocolate-dipped waffles right now.
C-kristoff-wir Like I said! Any advice that leads to festival waffles is DEFINITELY worth following.
C-anna-wir Even better -- this means I won't be performing the Arendelle Straight-Arrow on an empty stomach!


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