Character Dialogue
C-king triton-tlm Atlantica is heavily guarded... and Ursula will have violated the terms of her banishment the moment she sets a tentacle there.
C-king triton-tlm That means I'll have the upper fin... but I can't afford to let my guard down. Who knows what that monster could be planning...

Let's Have a Look-Sea

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-king triton-tlm
Level 2
Send King Triton to search Atlantica for Ursula. *
"Search Atlantica"
4h M-xp5, Update-23-m-currency50

* Requires Atlantica

Character Dialogue
C-ursula-tlm Why, King Triton! Hah! Long time, no see...
C-king triton-tlm Don't test me, Ursula. Whatever you've done to Ariel, I swear I'll--
C-ursula-tlm Oh! THAT little spell? Why, that's merely a trifle! And easily reversible, at that...
C-ursula-tlm Provided, of course, that you surrender all of your powers -- and that pretty little trident of yours -- to me.
C-king triton-tlm Ursula... This is barbaric. Even for you.


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