Character Dialogue
C-bb-8 Vweep wheeeoooo bip bada bip!
C-poe Ha! Now THOSE are happy beeps. You're right, buddy -- there's a lot of new ground to cover around here!
C-poe Y'know, we probably don't need you on duty at the outpost for another hour and change, if you wanna go ex--
C-bb-8 Whreeeeeeee!!!

Let's Roll!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send BB-8 to go exploring.
"Go Exploring"
2h Xp10, M-magic75
Character Dialogue
C-bb-8 Whrooo bip wheeeaah vwoop bip bwip!
C-poe Oh! Hey, Bee-Bee-- Wait, run that by me again?
C-bb-8 Wheeeaah vwoop bip bwip?
C-poe "Blue... sparkle... containers... everywhere?" Ohh, right: Artoo must've been showing you his old holograms again. Makes sense!
C-bb-8 Bwrooo... Bip vwip vrrrrooo!


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