Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-mulan Oh boy... this festival's going GREAT so far! And that's "Great" with a capital "G," if you couldn't hear me say it...
C-mickey mouse-mulan The only thing we've got left to do is set off all these firecrackers we've set up... and I thought I'd let YOU do the honors!

Light Up the Sky (2)

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Firecrackers Tap 100 firecrackers.
"Spawn rate: 10 every 60 minutes"
9h M-gem3, Xp10, Update-8-m-currency75
Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse-mulan Wow... that was amazing! Way to put on a show, pal!
C-mickey mouse-mulan This is just about the best Lantern Festival we've ever had!


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