Character Dialogue
C-michael darling Wendy... I remembered home, and then I got sad. Do you think Father has tied Nana up outside again?
C-wendy darling Oh Michael... I'm very sure he hasn't! Father never stays angry at Nana for long, you know.
C-michael darling I know. But I miss her... Nana, and Mother and Father, too!
C-wendy darling I do too, Michael. But so long as we think of them fondly, we're never far from home -- not really!

London Memories

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-michael darling
Level 7
Send Michael and Wendy to think of home.
"Think of Home"
16h Xp30, M-magic250
C-wendy darling
Level 6
Character Dialogue
C-michael darling Thank you, Wendy! I feel better now.
C-wendy darling Me too! And remember: If you ever feel as if you're forgetting what home is like, be sure to tell me. I'll remind you!
C-michael darling Hurray!
C-michael darling When I was in Never Land, I forgot and thought Mother was Nana. I'm glad I remembered!


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