Character Dialogue
C-colt-onward Wow... I mean, it might smell like a bucket of ribs, but this is... actually a pretty decent floor plan that Barley drew up.
C-laurel-onward I know, right? According to him, this is "years of Quest Master map-drawing experience in action."
C-laurel-onward He said we should drive the van over there now, while he runs around the back way and flanks the base from behind. That okay?
C-colt-onward Should be! Just... uh... so long as we put the passenger-side seat ALL the way back. I got kind of an ample back end.

Long Road Ahead

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Laurel & Colt to drive Guinevere to the base. *
"Drive Guinevere"
2h Xp5, Update-39-m-currency50
Level 5

* Requires Guinevere

Character Dialogue
C-colt-onward Whew! Well, I clocked 12 different vehicle safety violations on that dashboard alone, but... we're here. Nice driving, hon!
C-laurel-onward Thank you! I just wish Barley was answering my texts like he said he would... We have to coordinate when we're going to attack.
C-colt-onward Hoo-boy... Well, THAT doesn't sound particularly promising. Hope you don't mind -- I'm gonna head out and see if I can spot him.
C-laurel-onward Sounds good! Just keep me posted, okay?


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