Character Dialogue
C-rabbit-wtp W-why, Kanga! What a pleasant surprise! Well, don't just stand there -- come in!
C-kanga-wtp Oh, hello Rabbit! I would love to, but... don't YOU have to be inside your house to invite me in with you?
C-rabbit-wtp Heavens... I suppose I do! I'm so used to Pooh dropping by unannounced -- I'm afraid I'm out of practice at LETTING people in!
C-rabbit-wtp Well... How about I go in first, and THEN say "come in," and then you follow after me! That should do it, I think...

Long Time, No See!

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Kanga and Rabbit to catch up at Rabbit's House. *
"Catch Up"
4h Xp5, Update-18-m-currency50
Level 4

* Requires Rabbit's House

Character Dialogue
C-kanga-wtp Poor Bear's stuck in the honey tree again? Poor dear... he should know by now that he can just borrow honey from his friends!
C-rabbit-wtp AHEM. Y-yes, well, that's... that's beside the point, Kanga!
C-rabbit-wtp The IMPORTANT thing is that we get him out... and hope that, once we do, he's already had enough honey for the day!
C-kanga-wtp Well, I'd be happy to help, only... I need to find Roo, before I do. I've been looking for him everywhere...
C-kanga-wtp And besides... I'm sure he'd like to help Pooh, too!


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