Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera I'm probably never going to be a good shoemaker... which is a relief, because me AND my family don't think I have to be anymore.
C-miguel rivera But you know what's surprising? That a lot of my family turned out to be REALLY good musicians!
C-miguel rivera Yeah! Primo Abel and Prima Rosa and me try to play together every time the workday is over, now. It's pretty great!

Los Primos Rivera

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-miguel rivera
Level 4
Send Miguel to practice with his family at Home. *
"Practice at Home"
6h M-xp5, Update-34-m-currency50

* Requires Rivera Familia Home

Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera That was fun! I never would've thought it when I was younger, but we make a pretty good trio.
C-miguel rivera The only thing we're really missing is a trumpet player...
C-miguel rivera A guitar, accordion and violin combo is still great -- but there are so many good songs with brass in them!
C-miguel rivera I wonder if we can teach baby Socorro to play when she gets older...?
C-miguel rivera We'll have to wait a little while, though. Right now, the trumpet would be bigger than she is!


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