Character Dialogue
C-minnie mouse Oh Mickey, I can't believe it! My beautiful gardens... They're ruined!
C-minnie mouse When I get my hands on whoever messed with my petunias, they'll regret they ever crossed THIS green thumb!
C-mickey mouse Well, look on the bright side, Minnie -- imagine what you can do with all-NEW gardens!
C-minnie mouse Good point, Mickey... Hand me my pruning shears!

Lost Landscaping

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-minnie mouse
Level 1
Send Minnie to do some gardening.
"Fix Up the Gardens"
12h Xp25, M-magic150
Character Dialogue
C-mickey mouse Gosh, Minnie, look at all this landscaping! I'd say it's your best work yet.
C-minnie mouse You know, I think you're right!
C-minnie mouse A dedicated gardener never shies away from a landscaping challenge.


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