Character Dialogue
C-wendy darling-main Oh, Peter! It's the luckiest thing -- you see, I had JUST enough pixie dust to fly, so I said to myself...
C-wendy darling-main ... I said: "Wendy Moira Angela Darling, everyone knows that TWO people searching is better than--"
C-peter pan-main Stop! Wendy, is this the kind of story that has an ending?
C-wendy darling-main Oh! Why, yes -- of course! And if you fly right over in that direction, you'll see exactly what it is, too!

Lost No Longer

Character Requirements Time Rewards
C-peter pan-main
Level 2
Send Peter Pan to search where Wendy suggested.
"Search Where Suggested"
12h Xp50, M-magic400
C-kingdom-main Build the Lost Boys' Hideout. * 8h

* Requires Wendy Darling Level 5

Character Dialogue
C-peter pan-main Gosh, it looks just like our hideout!
C-wendy darling-main That's exactly what I thought. I'm sure if the Lost Boys are anywhere in this land, they must be there.
C-peter pan-main You're probably right. And I bet they're not even tryin' to keep the secret hideout secret.
C-peter pan-main Back at home, no matter how far underground they are, you can always hear those knuckleheads arguing.
C-peter pan-main It makes playing hide-and-seek real easy. You just gotta follow the shouting!


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