The Louie Ears Token is used to Level Up Louie.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards
C-scrooge mcduck
Level 3
Judge the Boat
* Donald's Boat
4h M-xp13, M-magic110
Level 4
Grab Belongings
* Donald's Boat
4h M-xp13, M-magic110
Level 4
Create Some Fun
* The Money Bin
6h M-xp16, M-magic155
C-daisy duck
Level 4
Spread Flowers 8h M-xp20, M-magic200
Level 9
Ride Like the Wind M-c-bullseye
Lvl 10
12h M-xp37, M-magic370
Other Source Time Rewards
C-enchanted chest-bronze-c Bronze Chest
* Special Chance
C-enchanted chest-resource-c Resource Chest Instant
C-kingdom Rapunzel's Tower: Letting Down Locks
* Enchantment Level 4
6h M-xp12, M-magic109
C-kingdom The Money Bin: Diving into Riches
* Enchantment Level 3
8h M-xp16, M-magic129


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