Character Dialogue
C-miguel rivera It's been a while since you were back in the Land of the Living, Dante.
C-miguel rivera I guess Papá Héctor and Mamá Imelda must be taking really good care of you, huh?
C-dante *sniff* *sniff* ... Arf arf arf arf arf!!!
C-miguel rivera Haha! Well, if you're running back to my house so fast, I guess there must be SOMETHING you like about this place, too!

Lunch of the Living

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Dante to sniff around the Riveras' Home. *
"Sniff around the Riveras' "
4h M-xp10, Update-34-m-currency75

* Requires Rivera Familia Home

Character Dialogue
C-dante (Nomf nomf homf nomf.)
C-miguel rivera I knew it! Those empanadas were in our fridge for weeks before we threw them away... if we didn't eat them, I'm glad you are!
C-miguel rivera I guess you must be used to spirit food by now... I wonder if it tastes any different from normal food?
C-dante Glomf?
C-miguel rivera Haha! I guess you'd probably be just as happy eating either!
C-dante Arf glarf!


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